We are an outpatient medical center, focusing on chronic diseases, offering a comprehensive care model focused on the safety, quality and experience of patients and their families. We rely on national and international processes, standards and policies that guarantee the success of our purpose.
We do not treat diseases, but patients, for whom our main objective is their health and well-being.

Corporate information


We are a medical institution focused on offering care centered on the patient and their family. Our goal is to guarantee the quality and safety of our services at all times. We work collaboratively to ensure the highest standard of excellence in healthcare in the Dominican Republic.


We project the impact of our work on:

Create the highest standard of excellence in health care and be the comprehensive management model of reference in the Dominican Republic.

We act with solidarity, equity and respect for the human being. "Integrity does not require rules. I always do what is morally correct”.
We believe in comprehensive patient care to meet their needs and provide the level of service they deserve. “I take care of lives. I serve the patient with humility, empathy and ability."
We take care of our responsibilities in order to grow day by day. “I take care of it without excuses.”
We provide the highest quality services and provide the best medical care to all our patients. "I tirelessly pursue excellence in everything I do."
Collaborative care is the core mechanism of our care model. We develop trusting relationships with each of our collaborators and allies. “We walked together to go further and achieve a dream.”
We are members of