Rights and duties of patients

General Health Law 42-01
Decree No. 351-99

Patient rights

  • Be correctly identified and called by name.
  • Receive appropriate, timely, socially, and culturally acceptable care without discrimination of any kind, and regardless of their purchasing capacity.
  • Be treated with respect and care based on their human dignity.
  • Know the names of the people who take care of you and what they do.
  • Privacy and confidentiality during your care, protecting your social and psychological integrity.
  • Complaint or suggestion you have about the care received that may contribute to improving the quality of the service provided.
  • The information about your condition will be done professionally and confidentially, and avoiding that your medical history is handled or known by people outside the patient's care.
  • To have the doctor assigned to their care inform them and if it is their wish, to their relatives about the course of their care and health problem.
  • To consent or not to carry out procedures and treatments.
  • Where feasible and relevant, participate in the decisions and actions of their treatment.
  • Request to be accompanied by a person of their same sex or a relative, where this is possible or relevant, during a medical examination or treatment, when it is performed by a professional of the opposite sex or when the patient so wishes.
  • Consult with other specialists, upon request and on your own, when you want alternative opinions, without this resulting in discriminatory actions against the patient.
  • Every citizen has the right to request their voluntary retirement, for which they or their family members must formally request it through the form.
  • To submit to the appropriate department any complaints or suggestions you have about the care received that may contribute to improving the quality of the service provided.
  • Have access to spiritual support.

Patient duties

  • Comply with and respect the internal regulations of the CEMDOE which will be explained to him or his family members upon admission.
  • Provide correct and truthful information about your condition and about any social and epidemiological aspect (your address, your family, possible risks to health personnel, among others).
  • Comply with your treatment and attend follow-up appointments.
  • Respect health personnel.
  • Care and protect for the facilities and belongings of the CEMDOE.
  • Respect and be supportive of other patients.
  • Maintain adequate personal hygiene and contribute to maintaining the environment.
  • Take care of and conserve the resources that CEMDOE puts at your disposal.
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