Corporate information

Model of care

Specialized medical services and processes, supported by clinical practice guidelines that comply with international quality and safety standards.

Features of our services:

  • We focus on the patient as the center of all our work.
  • Ongoing care of our patients.
  • A model focused on the patient and their needs.
  • Medical services and technological equipment to solve health problems guaranteeing the dignity and privacy of our patients.
  • We guarantee medical excellence through continuous professional training.
  • Preventive and predictive medicine.
  • Advanced medical technology.
  • Digital electronic medical record.

Cutting-edge technology

Our fully digitized and innovative design raises attention levels by incorporating information systems with a range of custom-made applications. Our building structure seeks to provide a fresh, relaxed environment so that patients feel at home.


We design and use clinical practice guidelines, clinical and management protocols with international standards, based on evidence that guarantee both the safety and the quality and experience of the services offered.

Preventive CEMDOE
Our innovative preventive health programs encourage a healthy lifestyle through specialized services, education, technology, and care.
We are based on four pillars:
Highly trained medical and administrative staff.
View results online.
Direct access to the preventive unit, to ensure effective management of the patient's time and privacy.
Follow up after delivery of results.
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